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director: Edward Thomas 2000 91 Min Crime Pete in London inherits a company. The ambitious accountant makes a deal with a Russian mafia boss. The Russian wants hard currency and grand-kids but kills his daughter's lovers. His daughter needs an Englishman like Sir Francis Drake

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8,2 of 10. 80 minutes. release Year: 2007. Description: Consenting Adults is a TV movie starring Matt Ryan, Jamie Martin, and Charles Dance. This movie is a BBC Four television dramatization of the events of the Wolfenden committee, whose report led to the decriminalization of. writers: Julian Mitchell

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  • creators=Mark Jackson
  • actor=Ron Carrier
  • story=On a remote wooded island, a young woman becomes caretaker to an old man in a vegetative state. She has no cell signal, no Internet. Only a year removed from high school and forced to meet the needs of a man who cannot respond, Joslyn vacillates between finding solace in his company and feeling fear and anger towards him. As the monotony of daily routine starts to unravel, boundaries collapse and Joslyn struggles with sexuality, guilt and loss
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  • 2011