Director Joel Gallen
writed by Mathew Harawitz
Criscilla Anderson
genre Comedy
105 min

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Countries: USA. Average ratings: 8,2 / 10. Runtime: 1H 13min. 381 votes. Summary: That Moment: Magnolia Diary is a video starring Paul Thomas Anderson, Fiona Apple, and William Arnold. A very in-depth documentary that follows the very over-worked director Paul Thomas Anderson through a gruelling 80+ days of

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brief=She drives a cab on the night shift and meets every scum there is. Gyung-sun lives a scant life day by day, but she used to be a professional safecracker that earned her the nickname, "Leather Jacket". Once she was a hot item, now she's all washed up. On the job, she relieves her fatigue with tonic beverages, and finishes a cigarette with just one drag, but she gets by the day clinging on to the chance that someday she'll meet her only hope in life, her daughter. But the world doesn't seem to let her have things that easy. She's still haunted by her dark past as this third-rate gangster keeps threatening her to pay back the money her ex-husband ran away with. Then one day she meets a girl named Soo-jin, who is a spitting image of herself back when she had it made. With Soo-jin's help she gets fed up with her dire circumstances, and finally decides to do something about it. To live for tomorrow, she fights the world for a day. Action. Duration=116M. director=Seung-wan Ryoo. Release Year=2002

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Duration - 2h 37min Directed by - Sachin Dharekar India This fun-filled energetic story of four friends underlines the importance of friends and friendship in our life. The story is majorly based in late 90's era. The film showcases the story of disconnected friends and their journey of 18 years. This roller-coaster ride of madly funny at the same time emotional sequences is a really a treat for every generation

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cast=Spiro Megremis
story=Brotherhood of Terror is a TV movie starring David Cottrell, Rami Hatamleh, and Spiro Megremis. The history and legacy of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most influential and dangerous Islamic fundamentalist groups
Writed by=Jennifer Maiotti

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brief - It's November 1, 1938 - the Day of the Dead - in Cuernavaca, Mexico, which is located in the shadows of Popocatépetl. Geoffrey Firmin, British Consul to Mexico, has just quit his job. His best friend is a bottle of booze, as he constantly tries to drown out the world's and his own personal problems. The former category includes the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Nazism in Germany and the associated effect it has on Mexican nationalism. The latter category mostly concerns the divorce a year ago from his actress wife, Yvonne Fermin, who has left Mexico but has tried to keep in touch with him via correspondence. Despite she having written to him several times with her intentions (to which he never replied), Yvonne returns to Cuernavaca on this day to, on the surface, rekindle their marriage. A slight strain is placed on the proceedings by the fact that Geoffrey's younger half-brother, Hugh Fermin, is also in Cuernavaca. Hugh, who was covering the war in Spain, decided instead to come to Mexico to help his brother regain sobriety and thus his life. But a self-destructive Geoffrey may make Hugh and Yvonne's tasks difficult if not impossible


Guy Gallo

year - 1984

score - 4508 Votes