Godard à la télé - 1960-2000
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Godard à la télé - 1960-2000

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I adore her. Everytime i watch godard's picture featuring anna, nothing makes it any less timely. fresh and still fascinating. you just cant get rid the fact that they are aging day by day. hell that's life tho. Karina had done great pictures on her career. that french tongue of her is still sexy. she still have it. Majestueuse Anna Karina tes paroles et tes yeux sont les uniques qui pouvaient porter les mots de tes personnages ainsi tu as donné des vies à la Terre, par ton art irremplaçable comme chaque homme Anna Karina mais tellement majestueuse. Wonderful. Need to watch more of these.


J'adore ça ! continuez.


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Des jolies filles. Un vilain garcçon. La caméra. La nouvelle vague 😂😂. So nice actress is Anna Karina, she was a successful artist of the French Cinema. Al igual q a los otros hombres importantes de mi vida. a ti tambien te adoro y te detesto jean luc. Pas de cigarre cette fois... The inimitable Anna Karina, may she rest in peace. Her impact on cinema and particularly la nouvelle vague cannot be underestimated. Her films provided me with ephemeral transport away from my darkest hours. Her beauty and unique energy will forever be emblazoned in my mind. 💔. June 9, 2015 12pt9 en overview a A compilation of TV fragments featuring director Jean-Luc Godard. releases {"iso_3166_1"=>"FR", "release_date"=>"1999-01-01", "certification"=>"", "primary"=>false} production_companies {"id"=>5358, "name"=>"Canal+"} {"id"=>55211, "name"=>"INA Enterprise"} production_countries FR plot_keywords {"name"=>"filmmaking", "id"=>33490} genres {"name"=>"Documentary", "id"=>99} crew {"person_id"=>438058, "department"=>"Directing", "job"=>"Director", "cast_id"=>4, "credit_id"=>"5576a9e5c3a3680e31001395"} cast {"person_id"=>1475610, "character"=>"", "order"=>4, "cast_id"=>3, "credit_id"=>"5576a9d4c3a3685606003b61"} {"person_id"=>18197, "character"=>"", "order"=>3, "cast_id"=>2, "credit_id"=>"5576a9cb92514136b5000f75"} {"person_id"=>3776, "character"=>"", "order"=>2, "cast_id"=>1, "credit_id"=>"5576a9c392514110b7001317"} {"person_id"=>15135, "character"=>"", "order"=>1, "cast_id"=>0, "credit_id"=>"5576a9b8c3a368569a0042a2"} d ----------tba spoken_languages ["fr"] imdb_id tt0220492 runtime 0 translations ---------tba original_title Godard à la télé - 1960-2000 general c.

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