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description Cheito, a street-wise Venezuelan conscript, is thrown together with Pedro, a straight-arrow volunteer in the Colombian army, when one deserts his company and the other lives through an ambush. They must survive guerrillas, drug producers, corrupt narcotics officers, and each other as they bungle through the jungle: first they are enemies, then allies, then friends, until women and politics test their loyalties. Can pawns survive when powers clash? / Tomatometers 6,9 of 10 / cast Edgar Ramírez / year 2004 / Drama, Romance

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  1. Writer - Bharat Gaikwad
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  3. Review - Bho Bho is a movie starring Subodh Bhave, Prashant Damle, and Ashwini Ekbote. Professor Vinayak Bhandarkar's wife is murdered suspicion leading to his Dog Sandy whose turned insane leading to close the case.The insurance company
  4. year - 2016
  5. Country - India

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2012. Directors=Matteo Vicino. description=Young Europe is a movie starring Lorenzo Zurzolo, Sophie Blondin, and Catriona Loughlin. "They never come right out and tell you that", explains Federico, an Italian teenager to an interviewer. While Josephine, a young Parisian sits. actors=Sophie Blondin. tomatometer=7,1 / 10 stars